Do You Know You Can Go on Safari Tour in Java Island?


Java island has many adventure tourism attractions. This most populated island in the world offers from light to extrem adventure trips. From a trip to meet endangered java rhinos on the very west tip, climbing on via verrata on cliffs surrounded by industrial area, volcanos and jungle trekking, white water rafting, diving deep into Java sea, to savana landscape and the best and world class wave in G-land on the very east tip of this island. And there are so many tourism villages across the island that can be travelled and doing outdoor activities with less impact ( and together with your children.)

According to Travel & Leisure readers, Java island is the Best Island in the World 2018. But, there is less known trip in this island. It is a tropical safari tour in East Java province visiting less known areas not so far from famous touristic destinations. Hop on and riding on safari jeep, we will go through tobacco, coffee and cacao plantation that has been there since the Dutch colonial era, visiting villages, crossing rivers, then come into savana and jungle which end in less visited pristine beaches in a national park.

Warna Indonesia Tour is one of few travel companies operating tropical safari tour in Java. This local travel company offers choices, even tailor-made trips, by hopping on their safari jeeps. It also has long and vary routes for trips in east Java.

The signature product of Warna Indonesia is a tour on safari jeep 4WD to national parks in Meru Betiri, Alas Purwo, and Baluran. They are all in East Java province. The tour duration is ranging from 1-day tour, 3 days 2 nights to 5 days 4 nights. During the tour, we can combine it with cycling or trekking. Sleeping in ecolodge or camping on the beach.

The travel company is based in Jember, the city that is internationally now known as the home for Jember Fashion Carnival. The city itself has been known for long time as the real competitor for Havana, Cuba in producing the best cigar in the world. Be it in the beginning or closing of safari tour, we have chance to see traditional warehouses where tobacco is being processed traditionally to make the best cigar and a visit to one of manufacturers that has lasted for century.

Jember is a coastal city. There is a must visit Papuma beach. In the city while waiting for the flight or train, we can sip a cup of black coffee or hot chocolate from the coffee and cacao beans that grow in the old plantations we saw it during safari tour. And traditonal foods or snacks made from fresh ingredients would fulfil the stomach.****